# Adventurer Sheets

There are two character sheets you can use to track your RuneQuest adventurer for your game. We recommend the Adventurer Folio for new editable adventurer sheet to add additional details.

You can see an example of a filled-out adventurer—Vasana.

# Adventurer Folio Overview

Folio Front

# 1. Name and Background

A quote introducing the adventurer in their voice, their background and personal history, and suggestions about how to roleplay them.

# 2. Runes

The Runes the adventurer is most aligned with. These influence personality and are used to cast Rune magic. Runes are described here.

Folio Back

# 3. Characteristics

Adventurers are defined by seven characteristics.

# 4. Attacks

Attacks the adventurer uses, described by name, skill percentage, damage, strike rank, and their hit points. See here for more about weapons and here for a description of how strike ranks work. Missile weapon ranges are here. Spirit combat is included, though is less common.

# 5. Hit Locations

The adventurer’s hit locations. When injured, roll a D20 to determine where. Each hit location’s armor and hit points are presented as armor|hit points. See here for more on armor, hit points, and damage.

# 6. Attributes

This area includes the adventurer’s hit points , move rate, strike ranks, Rune points and magic points, damage bonus, and healing rate.

# 7. Hit Points

Mark these off when taking damage, tracking them separately. At 0, the adventurer is unconscious, going below 0 for too long means death. Natural and magic healing and First Aid restore lost hit points.

# 8. Hit Location Diagram

This displays the adventurer’s hit locations. AP is armor points (subtracted from damage) and HP are hit points.

# 9. Name, Cult, Reputation, & Ransom

The adventurer’s rank within their cult and that cult’s Runes. Reputation measure of fame (see here), and Ransom determines how much someone is worth if captured alive and sold back to kin.

# 10. Skills

The adventurer’s skills and their ratings. The bonuses are skill category modifiers, already calculated into the skill totals. Skills are described here.

# 11. Passions

Each adventurer feels strongly about their Passions, attitudes about family, kin, honor, etc. (see here).

# 12. Creature

Some adventurers have mounts, pets, or allies. These are described for pre-generated characters.

# 13. Starting Gear, Treasures, & Abilities

Here is the adventurer’s armor, magic items they may possess, starting wealth or treasure, and special abilities. Money is measured in silver coins called Lunars (L).

# 14. Acquired Items

Write any treasures or items the adventurer finds here.

# 15. Common Rune Magic

Rune magic is magic using the Runes and is divine in origin. Every initiate of a cult is taught these common Rune spells and can cast them, using Rune points. Rune magic is described on here.

# 16. Rune Magic Spells

These special spells are specific to the adventurer’s cult and are cast using one of the listed Runes. See the Rune spell descriptions here.

# 17. Rune Points

Rune spells are cast with Rune points. Cross these off whenever the adventurer successfully uses Rune magic. See here for more on getting Rune points back.

# 18. Spirit Magic Spells

Spirit magic is common magic, where spirits in the world perform magical acts in return for magic points. Use the adventurer’s POW×5 as the chance to cast spirit magic.

# 19. Magic Points

Usually equal to POW, magic points are a resource spent by successful use of spirit magic. They come back each day naturally.