# Rune Spells

# Absorption


Cost: 1+ Cults: Ernalda

Each point absorbs 1 point of attacking Rune magic or 2 points of spirit magic directed at the target, converting those points into magic points that can be used as normal by the caster (no matter who the target is). It only works on spells it equals or is greater than. When the spell ends, the magic points vanish.

# Analyze Magic


Cost: 1+ Type: Touch, Instant Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Gives a true statement about at least one function of a single magical item, entity, or substance. Each additional Rune point spent reveals another statement about the subject.

# Arouse Passion


Cost: 1+ Cults: Ernalda

Adds +20% to one of the target’s Passions, can create a new temporary Passion at 20%. Each point stacked adds +20% to the Passion.

# Axe Trance


Cost: 1 Type: Self Cults: Babeester Gor

Each magic point spent with this spell increases one of the caster’s Axe skills by +10%. This can be combined with other weapon-enhancing spells, but not Berserker or [Fanaticism]. While in the trance, the caster must focus on using their sword in combat. Should they pause from performing any activities relating to using an axe in combat, the spell’s effect ends.


# Axis Mundi


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: Daka Fal, Waha

Creates a holy sanctuary with a 10-meter radius per Rune point which:

  • Allows ancestral spirits to appear without a Visibility spell.
  • Acts as a beacon for spirits.
  • Protects the shaman who created it, acting as a protective circle.
  • Acts as a locus for the transition of an assistant shaman to a full shaman.
  • Attracts cult-aligned spirits to participate in Holy Day ceremonies and celebrations.
  • Lasts for 15 minutes plus an additional 15 minutes per magic point stacked with the spell.

# Ban


Cost: 1 or 3 Type: Ritual Cults: All

Can only be cast by Chief or High Priest. Forbids target from participating in worship at the caster’s temple or shrine for three years (1 pt.) or until the target is dead (3 pts.).

# Bear’s Skin


Cost: 3 Type: Touch Cults: Odayla

Target grows a coat of fur, adding +6 to SIZ and 4 points of armor to all hit locations. This may increase damage bonus and hit points. Cannot be combined with worn armor. Can only be cast on Odayla worshipers and allied cults.

# Bear’s Strength


Cost: 2 Type: Touch Cults: Odayla, Orlanth Thunderous

Target’s STR doubles, adding +10% to Agility, Manipulation, and weapon and shield skills. Can only be cast on Odayla worshipers. Moves damage bonus up one step (none to 1D4, 1D4 to 1D6, then to 2D6, etc.

# Become (Other Sex)


Cost: 3 Type: Self Cults: Eurmal

Changes the target’s body and appearance to a that of another sex but has no other effect on characteristics or skills. The caster may choose to reduce their SIZ, to a minimum of 1.

# Berserker


Cost: 2 Cults: Babeester Gor, Storm Bull

Target goes berserk, forgetting all but the need to kill their enemies. It cannot be cast on someone under the Fanaticism spell, and the spells will not combine. Berserker has the following effects:

  • Increases the target’s attack skill rating with hand weapons by half again.
  • Increases CON by half again (increasing hit points).
  • Bestows 2 points of Countermagic.
  • Protection from incapacitation, shock, unconsciousness, or exhaustion while the spell is in effect. If subject to these, they take effect when the spell has expired.
  • All CON rolls succeed unless a 96–00 is rolled.
  • Against Chaos (having the Chaos Rune or from Chaotic origins) the attack rating is doubled and Countermagic is increased to 4 points.
  • A Berserker cannot cast magic, Dodge, or parry attacks. To shake free of the spell, the Berserker must roll INT×1 or Meditate successfully. A Chalana Arroy initiate can bring them out of the berserk fury with a CHA×5 roll. When the spell expires, the Berserker is incapacitated, as if they have fallen into a deep sleep. They may be woken through normal means.

# Binding Enchantment


Cost: 1 Type: Ritual Cults: All

Creates a magic item capable of holding a spirit or other entity. Must be enchanted with 1 point of permanent POW per type of characteristic possessed by the desired entity.

# Bind Ghost


Cost: 1 Type: Ritual Cults: Humakt

Binds a spirit of a willing and dying Humakti into the targeted area as a ghost. Requires one round of successful spirit combat.

# Blast Earth


Cost: 1+ Type: Instant Cults: Babeester Gor, Ernalda, Maran Gor

Affects one square meter per Rune point spent, doubled with each additional point beyond 1. No plants will flower, bear fruit, or grow in the area affected for one full year.

# Bless Crops


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: Ernalda

Blesses a hide of land (an area equivalent to the amount that can feed and support a single family), improving the farmer’s skill and their income from that land.

# Bless Woad


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: Orlanth Adventurous

Only castable by a Wind Lord of Orlanth on High Holy Days. Creates a pot of holy woad (1 pt. armor and magical protection per Rune point spent).

# Catseye


Cost: 1 Type: Touch Cults: Yelmalio, Yinkin

Target sees in the dark, like a cat, if some degree of light exists. Eyes look catlike and reflect light as a cat’s does. Lasts 12 hours.

# Charisma


Cost: 1 Cults: Ernalda, Yinkin

Doubles CHA; adds +20% to Communication and Magic skills.

# Clairvoyance


Cost: 2 Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Allows the caster, while in a trance state, to see and hear any location within five kilometers as if they were there. The caster must have previously been to the location.

# Claws


Cost: 2 Type: Touch Cults: Odayla, Yinkin

This can only be cast by and upon initiates of Odayla or Yinkin. Target gains clawed hands, with the following effects:

  • 1D6 damage plus damage bonus.
  • Chance to hit is equal to normal Fist attack.
  • Target can claw twice per round, 5 strike ranks apart.
  • Gain +50% to Climb.

# Cloud Call


Cost: 1+ Cults: Orlanth Thunderous

Summons or creates cloud cover for all visible sky, increasing chance of rain by 20% per Rune point spent.

# Comfort Song


Cost: 1 Cults: Chalana Arroy

This Song of Power causes those in earshot to feel comfort from pain and distress. Incapacitated adventurers can continue fighting while this song is being sung.

# Command Cult Spirit (Elemental)


Cost: 2 Cults: All

The Rune used depends on the type of elemental to be commanded. Enables the caster to command any of their cult’s spirits or elementals if they overcome its POW. A cult spirit or elemental not controlled with this spell behaves according to its natural inclination, until destroyed or the spell expires.

# Command Worshipers


Cost: 2 Type: Ritual Cults: Orlanth Rex

Causes all affiliated Orlanthi worshipers within a five-kilometer radius to gather within two days.

# Create Fissure


Cost: 1+ Type: Instant Cults: Maran Gor

Creates a chasm 5 meters long, 5 meters deep, and 1 meter wide for each Rune point spent. If used against a wall or structure, that structure suffers 1D6 points of damage. If formed under a target, the target must make a DEX×3 roll to avoid falling in (see Falling).

# Create Market


Cost: 3+ Type: Ritual Cults: Issaries

Requires four wands. Creates a neutral trading ground 10 meters square, warded against vs. those with hostile intent. This provides the benefits of Countermagic 1, Spirit Screen 2, and does 1D3 points of damage (ignoring armor) to a random hit location of an unwelcome intruder. Additional Rune points spent can increase the magical effects by the same amounts per point, or they can increase the size of the market by a multiple equal to those points spent. Lasts eight weeks.

# Cure All Disease


Cost: 2 Type: Touch, Instant Cults: Chalana Arroy

Cures any diseases the target suffers (but not the damage taken).

# Cure Chaos Wound


Cost: 1 Type: Touch, Instant Cults: Chalana Arroy

Cures a wound or disease inflicted by Chaos, but must be stacked with another healing spell. Provides all magic points needed to cast the other spell.

# Cure Poison


Cost: 1 Type: Instant Cults: Chalana Arroy

Neutralizes any poison the target is suffering from (but not the damage taken).

# Dark Walk


Cost: 1 Cults: Argan Argar, Orlanth Adventurous

Allows the user to be totally invisible and soundless in darkness and shadow to anyone within range.

# Detect Honor


Cost: 1 Type: Instant Cults: Orlanth Rex

Determines whether the target is currently honorable by Orlanthi standards.

# Detect Truth


Cost: 1 Cults: Humakt

Allows the caster to tell whether anyone within a five-meter radius of the spell’s target site is speaking untruths.

# Discorporation


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: Daka Fal, Waha

An hour-long ritual that allows the caster to enter spirit form and enter the Spirit World. Requires a successful Meditate roll in addition to the casting roll. Traveling more than five kilometers from the caster’s body requires another Rune point per five kilometers, spent when the spell is cast. See Discorporation for more information.

# Dismiss Magic


Cost: 1+ Type: Instant Cults: All

Each point cancels 2 points of spirit magic or 1 point of Rune magic.

# Dismiss (type) Elemental


Cost: 1+ Type: Instant Cults: Ernalda (Earth), Orlanth (Air), Seven Mothers (all but Air), Waha (Earth)

The Rune depends on the type of elemental to be dismissed. Dismisses a cult spirit (usually an elemental) of the type listed.

  • With 1 Rune point, the caster can try to dismiss a small elemental.
  • With 2 Rune points, the caster can try to dismiss a medium elemental.
  • With 3 Rune points, the caster can try to dismiss a large elemental.

The caster of the spell must overcome the POW of the elemental for the spell to work.

# Divination


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: All

Each point lets the caster to ask a simple question of their deity and receive an answer of up to ten words. One hour to cast.

# Earth Shield


Cost: 3 Type: Touch Cults: Babeester Gor, Ernalda, Orlanth Adventurous

Gives a shield infinite armor points for the duration.

# Earthpower


Cost: 3+ Type: Self, Instant Cults: Ernalda

Draw 1 point of POW or 1D8 magic points from the earth per additional Rune point spent.

# Extension


Cost: 1+ Cults: All

Increases another Rune spell’s duration. At 1 point, the spell lasts an hour. For 2 points, a day. For 3 points it lasts a week.

# Face Chaos


Cost: 1+ Type: Ranged, Temporal, Stackable Cults: Orlanth Adventurous, Storm Bull

The target of the spell does not flee or faint if fighting Chaos. Each extra Rune point affects one more target. If the target is affected by the Demoralize spell, they fight at half chance.

# Fear


Cost: 1 Type: Ranged, Instant Cults: Zorak Zoran

This spell causes intense, incapacitating fear to well up within the target. The caster must overcome the POW of the target. The degree of success on that roll determines the exact effect of this spell. The effects of Fear cannot be dispelled.

# Fear Effects

Result Effect
Critical Victim dies of fear.
Special Success Victim collapses for 20 minus CON full turns and must make a CON×5 roll or die as above.
Success Victim is Demoralized for 20 minus CON melee rounds.
Failure Intelligent beings are unaffected.
Unintelligent creatures, including animals, are Demoralized for 20 minus CON melee rounds.
Fumble Victim is unaffected.

# Fearless


Cost: 2 Cults: Orlanth Adventurous

Target gains immunity to fear, including magical fear such as from Demoralize, Fear, or /rules/rune-spells.html#madness, or from foes that cause from Demoralize, Fear, or Madness, or from foes that cause fear-like effects.

# Find Enemy


Cost: 1 Cults: All

Alerts the caster to anyone in range that intends to harm them.

# Find Grain


Cost: 1 Cults: Ernalda

Finds all grain within range, making it glow visibly to the caster, unless blocked by three or more meters of stone, soil, or metal.

# Find Magic


Cost: 1 Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Identifies the presence of magic within range, causing it to glow visibly to the caster, unless blocked by three or more meters of stone, soil, or metal.

# Flight


Cost: 1+ Cults: Issaries, Orlanth Adventurous

Transports one object (including caster) weighing up to SIZ 6 through the air for duration of the spell. Each extra Rune point adds +6 to SIZ. Flying objects have Movement 12 and control their own flight.

# Harmony


Cost: 1+ Cults: Chalana Arroy

Prevents anyone from becoming violent within three meters of the caster per point spent. To act violently in this space requires a resistance roll of caster’s POW compared to the resistance table. Anyone within range whose POW would be overcome is affected. Counteracts emotion-affecting spells (Demoralize or Fanaticism) weaker than the Harmony spell (how many points spent in it). Harmony can be boosted with magic points to make it more powerful to overcome other spells.

# Heal Body


Cost: 3 Type: Touch, Instant Cults: Chalana Arroy, Babeester Gor, Eiritha, Ernalda, Orlanth Adventurous

Heals all the damage the target suffered, regardless of hit location(s).

# Heal Wound


Cost: 1 Type: Touch, Instant Cults: All

Heals hit points equal to the magic points spent.

# Healing Trance


Cost: 1 Type: Touch, Duration (special) Cults: Chalana Arroy

Target falls into a deep sleep, healing eight times faster than normal. Both caster and target remain asleep until target is entirely healed.

# Illusory Sound


Cost: 1+ Cults: Eurmal

Creates a stationary sound with the nature, duration, and intent chosen by the caster. More points increase the range and volume.

# Impede Chaos


Cost: 1 Type: Ranged, Temporal, Stackable Cults: Storm Bull

The target of this spell becomes difficult for Chaos creatures to hit. For each point stacked in the spell, subtract –20% from the attack skill of any Chaos creature attacking the target. Impede Chaos has no effect against non- Chaotic opponents.

# Increase/Decrease Wind


Cost: 1+ Cults: Orlanth

Increases the STR of wind for 100 meters around the caster. Each additional point adds +1D6 STR or 100 meters more.

# Inviolable


Cost: 1 Cults: Ernalda

Affects any Ernalda or Orlanth cultist within three meters of the caster. Cancels Demoralize, Fanaticism, and other emotion-affecting magic on them, calm and avoiding violence if possible.

# Knowledge


Cost: 2 Type: Touch Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Allows the caster to read the history of an item.

# Leap


Cost: 1+ Cults: Orlanth Adventurous

Target can jump up to six meters high or six meters away for the duration. Each extra point adds +6 meters to the distance.

# Lie


Cost: 2 Type: Self, Instant Cults: Eurmal

The caster may utter a lie, no matter how outrageous, that any listener believes. Lasts until proven false (minimum one melee round). Listeners must understand the language spoken, unless the lie is nonverbal, such as a feint or misleading gesture.

# Lightning


Cost: 1+ Type: Instant Cults: Orlanth Adventurous

Summons a blast of lightning, doing 1D6 per Rune point to a single hit location if the target’s POW is overcome by the caster. Physical armor does not protect against the damage, but magic armor or protection does.

# Lock


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: Issaries

Locks a door, gate, hatch, chest, etc. with a STR equal to the number of magic points used. It must be cast upon a closable door, and the spell does not increase its armor or durability in any way. It takes one hour to cast per point but lasts eight weeks. This spell is often stacked with Passage.

# Madness


Cost: 2 Type: Instant Cults: Seven Mothers

If the target’s POW is overcome by the caster, the target suffers effects based on the degree of success:

# Madness effects

Result Effect
Critical Target goes insane and is incapacitated for 30 minus POW days, permanently losing 1D4 points INT.
Special Success Target attacks nearest person as if Fanatic for the next 30 minus POW minutes.
Success Victim collapses for 30 minus POW minutes and cannot be awakened.
Failure/Fumble No effect.

# Magic Point Enchantment


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: All

Cast on an item to make it store magic points for spellcasting. Each point cast takes one hour and lets it store 1D10 magic points. Takes one melee round to store 1 magic point in an item.

# Matrix Creation


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: All

Stores a spirit magic or Rune spell into an item at the cost of 1 point of permanent POW per point of the spell. Anyone wielding the item can use it by spending the magic point cost (if needed) and succeeding in a POW×5 roll. Matrixes for Rune spells must be recharged with a Worship roll in a temple.

# Mindblast


Cost: 2 Type: Instant Cults: Seven Mothers

Destroys the INT of the target if the caster overcomes the target’s POW. Effect lasts days equal to 1/2 the caster’s POW (round up). It cannot be dispelled. If the caster rolls a special success in overcoming the target’s POW, the attack also causes 1D6+2 damage to the target’s head hit location. Armor does not protect against this damage, though magical protection will.

# Mind Read


Cost: 2 Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Caster can read the conscious thoughts of the target without their consent, though the target can tell what is happening. The caster must overcome the target’s POW for the spell to operate.

# Mist Cloud


Cost: 1+ Cults: Orlanth Adventurous

Creates a bubble of natural-looking mist two meters in diameter around the caster for every Rune point spent. Visibility within or through the mist is limited to one meter.

# Morale


Cost: 2 Type: Ritual Cults: Humakt

Creates a field around the caster and their unit like a Fanaticism spell, without the restrictions on dodging and parrying. Lasts until sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first.

# Multispell


Cost: 1+ Type: Self Cults: All

Allows combining two spirit magic spells, casting them together on their highest strike rank. Continues for the Multispell’s entire duration: so every melee round, the caster can cast two spirit magic spells. Each extra Rune point adds one spell.

# Oath


Cost: 2+ Type: Ritual, Duration (special) Cults: Humakt

Each person involved spends magic points, forming a pact: oathbreakers suffer a Sever Spirit spell with magic points equal to the total magic points spent in Oath. Each extra Rune point adds one person to the oath. Lasts until broken.

# Passage


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual Cults: Issaries

Opens a door, gate, etc. that has been locked, or one magically sealed if enough points are used. When cast with Lock, each point allows one additional person to open the targeted door, lid, lock, etc. besides the caster.

# Path Watch


Cost: 2 Type: Self, Duration (special) Cults: Issaries

Must be laid upon a known path or visible road to be traveled on by the caster. Alerts them to the direction and number (not type) of all enemies and traps within a 100-meter radius of the caster while they are on the path or immediately adjacent to it. Lasts while the road lasts and while the caster stays awake.

# Reconstruction


Cost: 3 Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Causes any 15-minute sequence from the past to replay for the caster’s senses, while they are in the immediate area in which it took place. The user must state the time and date of the vision.

# Reflection


Cost: 1+ Cults: Eurmal, Seven Mothers

Reflects spells which fail to overcome the POW of the protected being. The next strike rank, the reflected spells attack their caster. The POW of the reflected attack spell are equal to the caster’s at the time the spell was originally cast. Each point stacked with this spell reflects 2 points of spirit magic, or 1 point of Rune magic. Reflection does not work if the incoming spell is too powerful.

# Regrow Limb


Cost: 2 Type: Touch Cults: Chalana Arroy, Ernalda, Issaries, Seven Mothers

Regrows a severed or mangled limb, taking a full season to restore it to full functionality and hit points.

# Restore Health


Cost: 1+ Type: Touch, Instant Cults: Chalana Arroy

Each Rune point spent restores one lost characteristic point (other than those lost to death).

# Resurrect


Cost: 3 Type: Ritual Cults: Chalana Arroy, Daka Fal

Restores a dead person to life once the body has been healed to at least 3 hit points using healing magic. If the body’s death was due to disease, the possessing disease spirit must be banished from the body first.

Once cast, the caster must defeat the spirit of the deceased in spirit combat. If the caster is successful, the spirit returns to its body and lives anew. If the caster fails, the spirit passes beyond hope of recovery. Each day the body is dead beyond the first day, the deceased loses 1D3 points each to STR, CON, and DEX. If any of these characteristics is reduced to 0, the adventurer cannot return to life.

Anyone dead beyond seven days is beyond the ability to be brought back by this spell, and it is the province of the gods whether they are able to return to the Middle World.

# Safe


Cost: 2 Type: Ritual, Duration (special) Cults: Argan Argar

Cast upon a container or opening to bar unwanted passage, must be boosted with magic points. Anyone other than the caster opening the secured container or crossing the passage is attacked by those magic points. If the trespasser’s POW is overcome, they take 1D6 points of hit point damage and are forced back. Lasts eight weeks.

# Sanctify


Cost: 1+ Type: Ritual, Duration (special) Cults: All

This blesses the volume of a 10-meter-radius volume, usually a sphere half above and below ground (for Earth cults this is a cube). Cult members can perform ceremonies within this area as if in a temple, including replenishing Rune points.

The boundary shimmers slightly in full daylight, but is not detectable by touch or Darksense. Anyone within any portion of the sanctified area is considered completely within it. The caster is instantly alerted if non-initiates, spells, or spirits enter the area.

When ceremonies cease, the spell ends. Additional Rune points increase its area by half again (2 points protects a 15-meter radius, 3 points a 22.5-meter radius, etc.).

# Sever Spirit


Cost: 3 Type: Instant Cults: Humakt

Attacks the bond between the body and spirit of the target. Target must succeed in a POW vs. POW resistance roll or die. If unsuccessful, they suffer 1D6 hit points of general damage.

# Shake Earth


Cost: 1 Cults: Maran Gor

Causes a small earthquake: magic points spent determine its area of effect and Rune points its severity. Affects one square meter per magic point, exponentially (1 magic point = 1 square meter, 2 magic points = 4 square meters, etc.). Everyone in the area reduces all Agility and Manipulation skills by –5% per point and must succeed in a DEX×5 roll each round or fall down, modified by the above penalty.

# Shield

Runes vary by cult

Cost: 1+ Cults: Many

The Rune varies by cult. Every point of Shield gives the wearer 2 points of magical armor and 2 points of Countermagic. The effects are cumulative with Protection or Countermagic.

# Slash


Cost: 1+ Type: Touch Cults: Babeester Gor

Must be cast on a one- or two-handed axe. Each point spent adds +1D6 to the weapon’s damage. This additional damage is added after any effect from a special or critical attack.

# Soul Sight


Cost: 1 Cults: All

Allows the recipient to see both the POW aura of living beings and to magically know the actual current magic points of other entities and creatures, including the amount devoted to currently in-effect spells.

# Spell Trading


Cost: 2 Type: Touch, Instant Cults: Issaries

This spell can only be cast in an Issaries market and requires a symbolic token item to be exchanged. Allows the caster to trade a single use of any Rune magic (except this one!) in exchange for a single use of any Rune spell known by another priest of any cult. Costs Rune points equal to 2 plus the Rune point cost of the spell to be traded.

Roll 1D100 when cast: a roll of 01–95 indicates success, failure means the spell immediately takes effect (but is still traded) on the person it is being traded to.

The new spell ‘owner’ uses the already-spent Rune points when they cast the spell and the original owner’s Rune affinity rating (even if lower than the new owner’s), so take note of these. The Rune points for the spell do not count against the new owner’s own maximum.

# Spirit Armor Enchantment


Cost: 1 Type: Ritual Cults: All

Creates 1D3 points armor against damage taken in spirit combat per permanent POW point sacrificed. Takes one hour to cast.

# Spirit Block


Cost: 1+ Cults: All

Helps protect the recipient from attack by spirits. Each point of this spell acts as spiritual armor and absorbs 2 points of magic point damage done to the caster in spirit combat.

# Summon (cult spirit)

Runes vary by cult

Cost: 1+ Type: Summon, Ranged, Temporal, Stackable Cults: All

The caster’s deity sends a cult spirit to their aid. Its size depends on the number of Rune points spent. As a rule, greater deities have more sizes and types of cult spirits. The summoned entity arrives at the end of the round, on strike rank 12. This spell may be cast simultaneously with Command Cult Spirit.

Summon Elemental is a specific example of this spell, but many other variants exist.

# Summon Elemental (type)


Cost: 1+ Cults: Ernalda (Earth), Orlanth (Air), Seven Mothers (all but Air), Waha (Earth)

The Rune used depends on the type of elemental summoned. When cast, the deity sends an elemental of the Rune’s type. Elementals come in three sizes: small (1 pt.), medium (2 pts.), and large (3 pts.). The elemental’s size depends on how many Rune points are stacked with the spell (limited by the maximum size of elemental available to the cult).

Once summoned, the elemental follows its natural inclinations unless bound by a Command spell. The gamemaster should determine this if it is not apparent. Unless bound by a Command spell, the elemental may not attack unless attacked, and remains until it is physically destroyed, or 15 minutes have passed, whichever of these conditions comes first.

# Summon Healing Spirit


Cost: 1+ Cults: Chalana Arroy

Summons a healing spirit with POW depending on its size:

  • Small (1 pt.): 3D6 POW/magic points
  • Medium (2 pts.): 3D6+6 POW/magic points
  • Large (3 pts.): 4D6+6 POW/magic points

Spirit can heal 1 hit point per magic point for one person per 24 hours, taking one hour to heal them.

# Sunbright


Cost: 2 Cults: Yelmalio

Creates a 60-meter radius circle of light around the target. If unwilling, target’s POW must be defeated in a resistance roll. Has the effect of full daylight, affecting cave trolls and Demoralizing trollkin, vampires, ghouls, and undead as per the Demoralize spell. Serves as a Shimmer 2 spell. Darkness elementals suffer 1D3 damage per round from this spell. If cast directly on one and defeating its POW in a resistance roll, the elemental is banished.

# Sureshot


Cost: 1 Cults: Foundchild, Yelm

Cast upon a missile weapon. If successful, the next attack within range always hits unless a 96–00 is rolled for the attack. Special and critical successes are as per the attacker’s skill. Attacks made with this spell do not count for experience, and the spell cannot be combined with Speedart or Firearrow. If it is used with Multimissile, Sureshot only affects the first/original missile.

# Sword Trance


Cost: 1 Type: Self Cults: Humakt

Each magic point spent with this spell increases one of the caster’s Sword skills by +10%. This can be combined with other weapon-enhancing spells, but not Berserker or Fanaticism. While in the trance, the caster must focus on using their sword in combat. Should they pause from performing any activities relating to using a sword in combat, the spell’s effect ends.

# Teleportation


Cost: 3+ Type: Self or Touch, Instant Cults: Orlanth Adventurous

The caster can teleport to visible spot, either with their eyes or through the eyes of an allied spirit. Each additional Rune point enables one extra living thing to be teleported at the same time, provided they are touching the caster. Unwilling targets must be defeated in a POW resistance roll.

# Translate


Cost: 1 Type: Touch Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Translates all words touched by the user’s index finger at normal reading speed, leaving an impression of the meaning afterwards. Does not translate languages the reader does not know.

# Truespeak


Cost: 2 Cults: Lhankor Mhy

Target can only speak truth, answering all questions and in a literal manner. Caster must overcome target’s POW with each question or target may speak freely. Target may remain quiet.

# True Sword


Cost: 1 Type: Touch Cults: Humakt

Doubles the damage of the weapon it is cast upon (usually a sword) by rolling twice and combining totals. The wielder’s damage modifier is not doubled.

# Turn Undead


Cost: 1+ Type: Instant Cults: Humakt

Affects one undead per point. Roll the caster’s POW vs. the target’s magic points:

  • Critical: Undead destroyed, released, or otherwise ended.
  • Special: Undead paralyzed for 20 melee rounds minus INT (minimum 1, skeletons inactive for 20 rounds).
  • Success: Undead flees, if possible. If not, see Special.
  • Failure: The undead is Befuddled (see the Befuddle spell).
  • Fumble: No effect.

# Warding


Cost: 1 Type: Ritual Cults: All

This ritual creates an area of safety for those inside. Four wands arranged in a rough rectangle define the area’s boundary. These can be made of any material and must be placed to enclose a maximum area of up to 100 square meters (typically 10×10 meters). The spell extends into the air for three meters above the wands, and underground to the depth of the wands. The stakes need not be visible to work; some casters bury them completely.

The spell connects these wands invisibly to form a barrier detectable only by magical means. The protection effects activate when physical or spirit enemies of the caster cross the barrier, or when a spell is cast across the barrier from the outside. When this happens, a loud noise (a keening, whistling, booming, etc.) begins, which can be suppressed by the casting priest.

Each point of Warding (up to 4) counts as 1 point of Countermagic against spells cast across the barrier, 2 points of spirit armor against outside spirits, and does 1D3 damage, ignoring armor, to one hit location of any corporeal enemy unwise enough to cross the boundary.

Each stacked point of Warding increases the area protected by another 100 square meters.

The Warding spell remains in effect until one of the wands is removed. Anyone but the caster that attempts to touch the stakes is affected by the Warding, but after suffering the effect, the person can then remove the stakes.

# Wind Words


Cost: 1 Cults: Lhankor Mhy, Orlanth Adventurous

Causes the wind to bring conversations to the caster’s ears, as if standing next to the speaker.