# Experience

Adventurers improve with successful use of their abilities, practicing them and learning through observation. As described in Ability Experience Checks, abilities with a check box (☐) can improve with experience. When used successfully in play, make a check in that box with pencil, like this: ☐.

Later, between adventures or when time has passed and the adventurer has time for reflection, the gamemaster can allow the player to determine if their adventurer learned something.

# Improving Skills and Passions

To see if an ability improves, roll D100 against the current rating, and add the skill category modifier to the roll itself. If the roll is higher than the ability, the player can choose to either add +3% to the existing rating or add +1D6%. Playing it safe by picking the 3% allows a reliable increase, but taking a chance and rolling can yield better, or worse, results!

Improving Passions is identical to that for skills, though there is no skill category modifier to add.

Runes work the same, but opposed Power Runes must be modified on both sides if one value changes, so they equal 100.