# Equipping your Adventurers

Glorantha is a bronze age world with a large variety of weapons, armor, and other equipment that adventurers can use on their adventurers.

For a more detailed set of equipment and weapons, you can go to the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (opens new window) or RuneQuest: Weapons & Equipment.

# The Cost of Living

Outside of their homes, adventurers must pay their way, including food, drink, accommodations, and maintenance of their gear and upkeep for any animals they possess. These standards of living and relative costs are guides, and can be adjusted by circumstance or the use of skills or Reputation. It is assumed that the expenses of repairing broken normal weapons, replacing lost ammo for bows, etc., are covered with these sums.

Unless living at home or as guests, the adventurers can pick their standard of living, paying the suggested amounts to maintain the described quality of life. Costs are per season (eight weeks) and can be divided weekly if desired.

  • Destitute: Costs nothing, but involves sleeping in the streets or wilderness, and providing all of one’s own food. Repairs to metal weapons and armor are impossible.

  • Poor: Costs roughly 3 L per season, and likely means sleeping on the floor under a leaky roof in a cold shack or hut, minimal and poor-quality food, and threadbare clothing. Repairs to metal weapons and armor are not included, nor is replacing lost gear. Both must be negotiated separately.

  • Free: Costs roughly 12 L per season, and provides a clean, comfortable, and secure home with adequate food with occasional meat or fish, plenty of wine or beer, and a new suit of clothing at least once per year.

  • Noble: Costs roughly 40 L per season and represents a small villa or estate with ample servants, plenty of food and the ability to entertain guests as desired, with fine clothing suitable for a variety of occasions. Beyond this is the province of petty kings or queens, and varies wildly based on the location, the amenities desired, and the relative degree of security required to uphold the household.

More detailed information about these matters can be found within the RuneQuest core rules.