# Weapons

The main kinds of weapons are melee and missile. These weapons differ in concept: melee weapons can be used to parry as well as attack, while missile weapons are normally used only beyond weapon-length range and have no designed capacity for parry.

# Weapon Categories

Each of the weapons tables list weapons by category (such as 1H Sword). An adventurer can use any other weapon in the same weapon category (such as 1H Axe, Fist, 1H Sword, etc.) at 1/2 the skill rating of the best skill the adventurer has in that category.

Example: Vasana has raised her Broadsword skill to 94%. Her ability to use any other weapon in the 1H Sword category is now 47%, so she can now use a kopis or a rapier at 47%.

# Weapon Types

A broadsword inflicts a different type of injury than a club, and an arrow damages someone differently than a kick or punch. Weapons are categorized into five weapon types, which determine the effects when a special or critical success is rolled, and can limit the spell types that can be cast on these weapons.

The five weapon types are:

# C - Crushing

Weapons with blunt edges used for crushing with the weight at the end of the weapon, ranging from the light mace to the maul and military flail. These weapons do crushing damage.

# CT - Cut-and-thrust

Weapons capable of use for slashing or thrusting, ranging from the easily maneuverable shortsword to the long rapier. The player must state whether the weapon is being used to cut or thrust, as it may do slashing or impaling damage depending on the success.

# H - Hand-to-hand

Basic unarmed attacks including fists, kicks, and grapples, as well as the specialized fighting tools of cestus and claw. These do crushing damage (for fists, kicks, and cestuses) or slashing damage (for claws).

# I - Impaling

Long weapons used with a thrust or lunge, such as the spear, ranging in length up to the pike. These weapons do impaling damage.

# S - Slashing

Weapons used for hacking or slashing. These can be anything from the brute power of the axe to the relative finesse of the kopis. The size can range from hatchet to dagger-axe. These weapons do slashing damage.