# General Equipment

Though the adventurers provided in the RuneQuest Starter Set (opens new window) have all their necessary gear and weapons, they may choose to seek out additional items or amenities. These items represent a tiny sampling of what goods and services are available within Jonstown and elsewhere in Dragon Pass and should be used by the gamemaster as a guide for other items not described here.

Item Cost
Cloak Anywhere from 5 C for woven grass to 5 L for fur or hide.
Clothes 2 L for a set of rough cotton garments, up to 20 L for silk finery.
Dress 1 L for a plain drape, up to 35 L for fashion from Esrolia.
Drink A bowl of mead or wine runs 1 C, and ale is much cheaper. The famed clearwine (from Clearwine) runs 4 C per bowl. A whole amphora of passable mead or wine costs around 8 L and contains 75 bowls or mugs of booze.
Food A hearty midday meal consisting of fried or flatbread, cooked meat (beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc.), a vegetable soup, fruit, and wine runs about 6 C.
Guard Hiring a common guard willing to defend a place or person is 1 L/day, much more for someone with a high Reputation.
Herald Hiring a decent herald to announce oneself or to send a message costs 5 L/week or engagement.
Horse 65 L for a riding horse, twice that for a warhorse.
Inns A place on the common room floor costs 1 C for the night, 3 C for a bed in a dormitory, 1 L for a shared room, and 5 L for a private room with amenities. See The Cost of Living for information about longer stays.
Jewelry Anywhere from 1 L for a simple bronze ring to 3,000 L for a weighty, jeweled, golden bracelet.
Labor, Skilled Anywhere from 3–10 C per day for a skilled craftsperson.
Labor, Unskilled Anywhere from 1–2 C per day.
Lamp Only 2 L for a small clay oil lamp and enough oil to burn for hours.
Music Instruments These can range from 2 C for some cheap reed pipes or gourd rattles to 25 L for a fancy lute or lyre.
Research Sages set their own prices for their services, anywhere between 10–100 L, depending on subject.
Riding Gear 2 L for basic rope tack and a blanket saddle, up to 20 L for fine leather- and metal-working.
Sacrifice Ranges from small to large animal (1 C for a chicken, 2 L for a pig, 3 L for a sheep, and 20 L for a cow), to incense (1 C for a bundle of scented sticks or a small nugget, more for higher quality).
Tools A cheap stone hammer might be 5 C, 15 meters (16½ yards) of rope
Torches A bunch of wicker torches for 5 L.