# Between Adventures

Generally, an adventure is the highlight of a season, and more than one adventure per season is a rarity. Several matters happen between adventures and players should address them all.

# Ransom

Every adventurer has a Ransom value, what they are worth to allies if captured. If this is not resolved in play, any adventurers captured by their enemies are assumed to be ransomed back by their families, cults, or other allies between sessions. This may come with an associated debt to repay, as ransom is not cheap! Similarly, captured foes can be ransomed by the adventurers, who are paid off for their mercy. This is generally a simple business transaction, and dishonorable to treat otherwise.

# Ability Experience Checks

Successful use of abilities—skills, Runes, and Passions—can lead to improvement, given time to reflect and learn from one’s successes (and even their failures). Practice and successful use are how one improves. See Experience for more.

During play, players should put checks next to any abilities used successfully. Only one check per ability is allowed per session (or per adventure spanning multiple sessions). Some abilities cannot be improved by experience and lack checkboxes.

Erase all checks made as experience is determined, to make the adventurer sheet ready for the next adventure!

# Healing

Each adventurer recovers their healing rate in hit points per week. These points are distributed evenly (player choice) across hit locations, so unless an adventure takes place only a short time after another, an adventurer should usually be fully healed by the time their next adventure occurs.

# Magic and Rune Points

All magic points return with the dawn of a new day, so between adventures they are restored entirely. Rune points must be restored through successful worship in one’s cult temple (or that of an associated cult), usually restoring 1D6 or more Rune points. Unless a reason suggests itself otherwise, it is usually easiest to assume all Rune point are restored between seasons.

# Other Improvement

Additional means of improvement exist, such as training in cult or occupational skills, increasing Reputation, improving characteristics, earning income from one’s profession, aging, learning new spells, etc. but these are outside the scope of the Starter Set and this Wiki.