# Divine Intervention

Any adventurer that is a member of a cult at the initiate level or above may call upon their god and request divine intervention, calling to their god to aid them in some way related to their divine nature. These are incredible feats of divine might, and are not to be taken lightly.

The nature and potency of divine intervention is up to the gamemaster to determine, with the following bits of guidance:

  • Gods rarely act beyond their spheres of influence (their Runes), so a Storm god would not quell an earthquake, nor would a Knowledge god stop a flood. They never act against their interests, such as a Death god bringing a follower back from Death.

  • Gods rarely intervene against their own followers. Similarly, they rarely aid those outside their cults, unless such aid is rendered as part of aid to a follower.

  • In the Mundane World, gods are as bound to Time as are mortals, and they cannot influence its passage directly.

Attempting to call upon one’s god for divine intervention is instantaneous. When doing so, the player should immediately sacrifice 1 Rune point permanently (it is not returned though worship) and ask specifically what favor is being requested of the god. The gamemaster should determine if this is acceptable and within the god’s purview. If it is not, the player can either change the favor, or cancel the request (and keep the Rune point).

If the favor is acceptable and within the god’s interests, the player should roll D100 and compare it to the adventurer’s POW plus their current unspent Rune points.

  • If the roll is over that amount, the god hears their plea but is unmoved. The Rune point is lost and nothing further happens.

  • If the roll is equal to or lower than that amount, the god listens to their prayer and intervenes in the matter specified, or interprets it in an appropriate fashion. The adventurer then loses permanent POW equal to the number rolled. If the number is equal to or greater than their POW, they die, going into the afterlife to serve their god directly.

# Divine Intervention and Resurrection

A common type of divine intervention is for resurrection, sparing an adventurer’s life so that they might continue to serve the god in the Mundane World. Only Humakt denies his followers this opportunity. For others, if divine intervention is successful, the god instantly restores the adventurer to their full hit points and magic points, adjusted by their new POW.

# Non-player Character Divine Intervention

Like player adventurers, non-player characters who are members of cults may also attempt divine intervention, at the gamemaster’s discretion. This should be used sparingly, as gameplay can become tedious if defeated foes regularly spring back up to life, unharmed and restored (yet with their POW lowered). Such instances follow the same guidelines for player adventurers, with the same limitations and risks.