# Sorcery

Sorcery is practiced by the Lhankor Mhy cult and within the Lunar Empire. It is more complex than spirit magic or Rune magic, though it also draws power from the Runes. However, sorcery is intellectual, relying on manipulation of Runes through techniques to achieve desired results.

Sorcery spells are otherwise like spirit or Rune magic spells, though the low casting chances and high dedication makes it less suitable for adventurers, particularly in combat situations.

A sorcerer can improve their sorcery spell base chances through ritual preparation, meditation, and by augmenting with other abilities (see Increasing Casting Chance). They may also increase a sorcery spell’s intensity, modifying its range and/or duration separately. All sorcery spells are assumed to be intensity 1 by default.

Increasing range and/or duration are treated independently, with the additional magic points totaled.

Increasing a spell’s Range to 30 meters (intensity 3) and its duration to 80 minutes (intensity 5) costs an additional 6 magic points (2+4). A spell’s strength is the total of all levels of its intensity.

# Spell Strength

Intensity Range Duration Magic Point Cost
1 10 5 minutes 0
2 20 10 minutes +1
3 30 20 minutes +2
4 50 40 minutes +3
5 80 80 minutes +4
6, etc. 130, etc. 160 minutes, etc. +1 per additional intensity

The only adventurer with sorcery in the Starter Set is Sorala: her spells are described on her adventurer sheet.

Sorcery spells possessed by nonplayer characters include:

  • Accelerate Healing

  • Geomancy

  • Identify Otherworldly Entity

  • Logician

  • Protective Circle

  • Reveal Rune

  • Solace of the Logical Mind