# 5. Customize your Adventurer

Here players can assign personal skill points, select a name for their adventurer, and determine some final aspects.

  • Pick any four skills and add +25% to each.
  • Pick any five skills and add +10% to each.

As with other skill bonuses, any skill points above 100% are discarded and are simply treated as 100%. If desired, use the Homelands sections of the core rules (opens new window) to pick a tribe and clan, or wait until later.

Reputation begins at 5%. Warriors add +5%, and nobles and priests add +10%.

# Names

The player should determine a name based on the adventurer’s Homeland, pick a name from the table below or devising something original.

# Sample Names by Culture

Homeland Female Names Male Names
Esrolia Aranda, Davorela, Mirava, Serzeen, Varanis Dormal, Irillo, Kesten, Orstanor, Sestar
Grazelands Andretta, Eneera, Harsta, Mirina, Vorala Endars, Hendroste, Jandetin, Pendaltan, Yanordras
Lunar Tarsh Harsta, Harawin, Kana, Sandene, Yenesting Annstad, Illaro, Maroftoor, Onjur, Phoronestes
Old Tarsh Durlinidia, Erantha, Harsta, Kerentha, Oriane Arim, Danbal, Ovardul, Palashee, Varstpoor
Prax Delenda, Ernyne, Lalira, Saberak, Varaema Harjoon, Maharo, Roneer, Surrak, Toras
Sartar Adrasta, Berra, Dorasa, Jareen, Vareena Andrin, Broyan, Farnan, Saronil, Vargast

# Possessions

In addition to the starting equipment assigned when you choose your occupation, adventurers are assumed to have the following possessions:

  • clothing (including a hat and cloak)
  • a belt/eating knife
  • fire-making gear
  • water skin

They also possess any cultural weapons they have any more than the base skill with.