# Animals

Despite the amazing variety of creatures in Glorantha, adventurers may interact with a wide range of conventional animals as mounts, foes, or even as hosts for spirits. These animals often have surprising and unexpected abilities: for example, the Esrolian python has a hypnotic stare unknown in terrestrial pythons.

# Bears

Three types of bear can be found in the Dragon Pass area. The common black bear, the larger brown bear, and an even larger white bear variant. All bears are omnivorous, and many types show no fear of humans.

# Brown Bear

Characteristics Average
STR 3D6+15
CON 2D6+6 13
SIZ 3D6+15 25–26
POW 3D6 10–11
DEX 3D6 10–11
Hit Points: 17 Move: 8
Magic Points: 11 Base SR: 3

Armor: 3-point skin and fur

Bear Hit Locations

Location D20 Armor/HP
Right Hind Leg 01–02 3/6
Left Hind Leg 03–04 3/6
Hindquarter 05–07 3/9
Forequarter 08–10 3/9
Right Foreleg 11–13 3/6
Left Foreleg 14–16 3/6
Head 17–20 3/7
Weapon % Damage SR
Bite* 50 1D8+2D6 7
Claw* 35 1D6+2D6 7
Hug* 35 5D6 7

*A bear may either bite and claw twice or bite and hug in a round. If it chooses to bite and hug, both attacks must be against the same foe. If it bites and claws twice, it may attack up to three separate foes.

# Shadowcats


Shadowcats are dark-colored felines which range from the size of a housecat to that of a lynx. They are very quick and quiet, and are also known as shimmer cats because they are extremely hard to hit.

Shadowcats are social animals that hunt in groups that encircle their prey from different directions. They are domesticated by the Orlanthi to herd livestock and to hunt. They rarely attack humans or other large predators. However, when cornered or threatened, they will attack fiercely, jumping onto a foe and holding with the forefeet while biting and ripping with both hind legs at once.

In Dragon Pass, shadowcats are also called alynxes. All are sacred to Orlanth.

Characteristics Average
STR 2D6 7
CON 2D6+6 13
SIZ 1D6 3–4
POW 2D6+12 19
DEX 3D6+12 22–23
Hit Points: 12 Move: 10
Magic Points: 19 Base SR: 3

Armor: None.

Skills: Dodge 50%, Hide 75%, Move Quietly 90%.

Shadowcat Hit Locations

Location D20 Armor/HP
Right Hind Leg 01–02 0/3
Left Hind Leg 03–04 0/3
Hindquarter 05–07 0/5
Forequarter 08–10 0/5
Right Foreleg 11–13 0/3
Left Foreleg 14–16 0/3
Head 17–20 0/4
Weapon % Damage SR
Claw 50 1D6–1D4 7
Bite 40 1D6–1D4 7
Rip 80 3D6–1D4 7

Note: A shadowcat first attacks with both claws and its bite simultaneously. If both claws hit, the shadowcat hangs on and rips with its hind claws on the next round, while continuing to bite.

# Tuskers

Tuskers are gigantic boars as big as buffalo, ridden only by tusk riders. These beasts are fierce and ill-tempered but love their masters beyond all comprehension.

Characteristics Average
STR 3D6+12 22-23
CON 1D6+12 15–16
SIZ 4D6+12 26
POW 3D6 10-11
DEX 1D6 3-4
Hit Points: 20 Move: 10
Magic Points: 11 Base SR: 5

Armor: 4-point hide.

Skills: Track by Scent 50%.

Tusker Hit Locations

Location D20 Armor/HP
Right Hind Leg 01–02 4/6
Left Hind Leg 03–04 4/6
Hindquarter 05–07 4/8
Forequarter 08–10 4/8
Right Foreleg 11–13 4/6
Left Foreleg 14–16 4/6
Head 17–20 4/7
Weapon % Damage SR
Gore* 50 2D6+2D6 9
Trample* 75 4D6 to downed foe 9

*A tusker cannot gore and trample the same opponent in the same melee round.

# Wolves

Wolves hunt in packs ranging from under a dozen individuals to up to 40 or more. If too many wolves are wounded or killed in a fight, the pack will slink off, unless starving. Wolves fight cooperatively. Several wolves may attack the same target, ensuring that most of them will not be parried or dodged. Or one or two large wolves may attempt to knock the target down—when it falls over, other wolves rush to attack.

Characteristics Average
STR 2D6+6 13
CON 3D6 10–11
SIZ 2D6+3 10
POW 3D6 10–11
DEX 2D6+10 17
Hit Points: 11 Move: 12
Magic Points: 11 Base SR: 4

Armor: 2-point fur.

Skills: Dodge 30%, Search 60%, Track 80%.

Wolf Hit Locations

Location D20 Armor/HP
Right Hind Leg 01–02 2/3
Left Hind Leg 03–04 2/3
Hindquarter 05–07 2/5
Forequarter 08–10 2/5
Right Foreleg 11–13 2/3
Left Foreleg 14–16 2/3
Head 17–20 2/4
Weapon % Damage SR
Bite 30 1D8 8