# The Elder Races

Although humans are currently the dominant sentient species in Glorantha, the Elder Races still have great power. The Elder Races of Glorantha predate the appearance of humans in the world. The Elder Races include many small, strictly local, or otherwise insignificant creatures. The following are powerful enough to dominate significant parts of the world, though some live alongside humankind:

  • Aldryami: These slight beings, commonly called elves, are closer to plants than mammals. They worship and claim descent from the goddess Aldrya. Most are tied to a specific type of forest: green coniferous elves (the most common), brown deciduous temperate elves, yellow tropical elves, fungal black elves, red fern elves, dryads, and degenerate ‘runners.’ All despise dwarfs and trolls.

  • Dragonewts: Said to be the eldest creatures in Glorantha, descendants of Dragons from before the Golden Age, Dragonewts continually reincarnate and metamorphose, ever-striving to achieve dragonhood, each going through four distinct phases as it evolves: crested, beaked, tailed priest, and full priest, who can become almost akin to Dragons. They have their own type of magic and are quite secretive.

  • Mostali: Commonly called dwarfs, these underground dwellers descend from Mostal the Maker, whom the dwarfs claim crafted the World. They have a long and ancient history, unknown to outsiders, and use a sort of practical sorcery. They are makers and crafters of many ingenious devices, and their metalwork is unparalleled. Unlike elves and trolls, dwarfs are only of one species, but have many sub-types based on their role within Mostali community, differing so substantially they might as well be different races. They are almost inhuman in temperament, their society cultivating a machine-like state of mind. Many Mostali rebel against this, seeking adventure in the outside world. Dwarfs are mortal foes of elves and trolls.

  • Merfolk: These are water-living but air-breathing creatures, whose lower bodies are finned, but who have arms and hands. Merfolk are direct descendants of the gods and fall into several types.

  • Trolls: This mostly subterranean species spilled onto the surface world when Yelm’s light chased them from the Underworld. Several types of trolls may live in one community. Social status is determined by an individual’s type. They are matriarchal and generally do not bother with civilized niceties, even in their largest gatherings. Trolls are not as gregarious as humans, and lone trolls or small family hunting groups are common. Troll villages are ramshackle and small. Types of trolls include the dark trolls, great trolls, Mistress Race, trollkin, and cave trolls. Dark trolls are the most common, Mistress Race the rarest and most ancient, and trollkin are a degenerate, diminutive offspring of trolls, the result of an ancient curse. Trolls avoid sunlight and live contentedly in the dark. Their prodigious appetites are said to be able to digest anything, including solid rock (although they dislike it). Trolls are almost always seen munching on something.

  • Broo: These foul creatures of Chaos are ubiquitous in Glorantha despite many efforts to eradicate them. They are a rank Chaos species, long since polluted by foul practices. Their parentage is often totally indistinct. Each may differ from his brother, though most that survive are vaguely humanoid. They are brutal beyond belief. The less said about them the better.

Many other obscure or lesser creatures live in Glorantha. Centaurs, ducks, intelligent baboons, mer-people, giants, morokanth, newtlings, scorpion men, and Wind Children are only a few of the many lesser Elder Races.